Silicone processing

Beautiful surface and high transparency make the contents stand out, Easy release and product loading from mold due to excellent releasability, Sheet with excellent formability


각종 투명 포장재용, 식품, 농,수산물, 블리스터 포장용, 각종 Tray용

0.18~1.6mmMax 1460mmVirgin, V+R, VRV, GAG, PETG

Anti-fogging processing

Excellent anti-fogging effects by single or double sided coating Anti-fogging harmless to humans,
By preventing anti-fogging for a suitable period Increase sales of contents by securing consumer visibility and emphasizing freshness.


For packaging fresh food such as fruits, sandwiches, salads, cakes, and lunch boxes for one person

0.18~1.6mmMax 1460mmVirgin, V+R, VRV, GAG, PETG

PE protective films

Excellent PE film adhesion, Best adhesive retention with lead film ensures full sealing of contents.
This maintains safety against external pollution and a more stable shelf life, Keeps transparency, allowing consumers to purchase content with confidence.


Packaging for various meat processing foods, beef, pork, poultry meat, and various seasoned meat products

0.18~1.6mmMax 1460mmVirgin, V+R, VRV, GAG, PETG

Internal addition High transparency products

High-transparent sheet with essentially removing surface coating stains by mixing slip agents into the polymer surface layer during the extrusion process without silicon treatment. Excellent isomorphism maintenance, cross section and double-sided protective film attachable.


Frame glass alternative, various high-end product packaging, face mask

0.18~1.6mmMax 1460mmAAA, VRV, GAG, GGG
Transparent Cup Products

Excellent transparency, seamless molding and reaming, Prints and isomorphism with optimal coatings tailored to customer needs, It is a VRV product that is hygienic and safe for foods that come in direct contact with the surface, and uses recycled raw materials to contribute to the environment.


Various cold drinks disposable cups, ice-fruit containers

0.18~1.6mmMax 1460mmVirgin, VRV, GAG, PETG

Cold-resistant container products

Products that prevent breakage of containers by ensuring impact retention even if stored for a long time in the freezer.


For frozen food containers, for ice-cream containers stored in freezers.

0.18~1.6mmMax 1460mmV+G, GAG, PETG

Antistatic product

For sensitive electrical, electronic trays and carriers that require protection from static electricity with a transparent thin film coating, Maintain stable EDS, eco-friendly products free of harmful substances such as heavy metals


Electrical, Electronic Parts Tray and Transport Carrier

ThicknessWidthRemarksThe Characters of product
0.18~1.6mmMax 1460mmVirgin, V+R, VRV, GAG, PETGSi Free, Surface resistance, Tribo-charge,
Decay Time, Cover Tape Adhesive property etc

Deco product

Excellent formability, adhesion and luster for furniture for kitchen and living room


Deco products for eco-friendly kitchen furniture and household furniture, OVERLAY, Wrapping, Edge용

TypesUsesThickness(mm)Surface treatmentRemarks
Over laySurface materials for furniture0.2 ~ 1.0mmHard-coating MatteGAG
WrappingProducts for finishing curves0.2 ~ 0.5mm
Edge typeProducts for side adhesion of furniture0.3 ~ 1.0mm

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