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CEO Seongchan Gang

The world is developing its society in the direction of co-prosperity of industry and environment in order to enrich human life through sustainable economic growth and to create an environment in which all living things on Earth can coexist.

Our company produces excellent quality sheets based on PET recycling technology and PET chemical fiber production manufacturing technology that have been accumulated for more than 45 years through its parent company, Kumhofiber Industries Inc.

Based on chemical stability, PET sheet is a harmless and environmentally friendly material that is widely used in real life as a packaging material.

It operates an eco-friendly manufacturing process and supplies products that can be used safely by manufacturing in positive pressure in clean room, a clean and safe environment.
A transparent packing container for agricultural and livestock products for various food packaging, For high-translucent blisters for packaging various manufactured goods, For transparent cups containing various cold foods, beverages, etc. For rectangular boxes with high-resolution printability, For Printable Pouch, sheet for abalone farming, It is used in various ways in daily life as materials such as advertising and an anti-static tray for transporting electronic products.

We, KHRETECH, provide the best quality and safe sheet packaging materials, and all our employees are working together to meet the needs of our customers immediately.

We will become a trusted company based on transparent and fair ethical management through recent GRS certification and acquisition of ECO mark in Japan. Please keep your eyes on us and show us lots of interest and support.

Thank you.

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